Diamond mine -Music video
Making of New Album In Colors
Ça Maloya -Music video-
CD album. 2011 (Toguna / Sakifo records/ Wagram)
Album coup de coeur de la Fnac !
CD album. 2014 (Derives Productions/Believe)
In Colors -Music video-
New Album : "The Sweet Life Experience"
Shine your light -Music video-
2nd Album: "In Colors"
With « The Sweet Life experience », 3rd album full of strong melodies, fresh & powerful sound, the rock pop reggae of Toguna should keep on riding some long waves rollin’ from Indian Ocean, where they’re from ; Produced in their own studio in Reunion island, the award-winning band has collaborated with Brian Gardner in Los Angeles (Red hot, John mayer) and the result is probably their best album to date. In september 2012, after touring in many countries (US, Japon, Australie, Europe..), the band started working on a new album; Independently produced, this new album is the most achieved work of the band as they’ve been sitting together a full year to refine each of the tracks. «It’s a great feeling to have a place to work deeper our music, taking the time to record & create with people you like, with no compromise, only music straight from the heart» Sîla says. Sîla, songwriter, troubadour, slide guitarist as ben harper and ambassador of Surfrider foundation Indian Ocean, has composed these 12 inspired tracks on the road between California & Bali, sublimed by cool guitar riffs and subtle harmonies of his partners Kingsley & Daoud. The result is a bit more rock than the other albums, but still with their fresh signature sound «we are artistically constantly in motion, each new album is the soundtrack of our life » Inspired by all the nice people met, the beauty and spirits of nature, some great surf & skateboard places…"The sweet life experience" was born. The band is bringing « The sweet life experience » to the stage this year and their sunshine vibes will hit the road again from Usa to Japan, Australia to Europe.
1st album: "Sans Frontières"
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CD album 2008 (Toguna/ Sakifo records/ Wagram)
TRACKLIST 1- Mama Nature 2- Faciès du délit 3- Diamond Mine 4- Contrôle 5- Only One 6- Et ils s'étonnent 7- Eternelle éphémère 8- Piece of Heaven 9- Propaganda 10- Letwal Kaya 11- Grain d'sable 12- Freedom sound dub
Album coup de coeur de la Fnac !
Recorded in London with Soul Sewell on bass and Richie Stevens on drums (Keziah Jones, Patrice, Joss Stone, Gorillaz..), and with great Australian guests on vocal (Blue king brown) & cello (True live). Mixed by Ricky Ojijo (Ayo,Nneka,Patrice)at Patrice’s studio in Germany. Mastering by Tony Dawsey (Jay-Z, Moby) in New york.